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Investors in People

Investors in People has helped many businesses and organisations to improve performance, increase productivity, become more competitive and raise their bottom line.

Investors in People (IIP) is a real success story and one in four people now work for an IIP accredited organisation.

Employees will gain an understanding both of where the company is going and what is required of them in order to get there. As a result, greater motivation and staff commitment should develop. Training will become targeted and have a clear focus on both short and long term, specific and measurable goals.

If you are keen to take your focus on good practice further, you could apply to achieve the Investors in People Standard.

Here are few statistics from of IIP accredited organisations:
  • 95% believe that internal communications improved
  • 95% reported greater staff involvement
  • 94% report improved staff development
  • 91% feel that management skills have improved
  • 89% see staff morale improved
  • 86% see quality has risen
  • 74% say productivity has increased
  • 59% see increases in profitability
  • 57% have increased sales volume
  • 40% report improvements in staff turnover
  • 36% indicate the absenteeism has improved
  • 65% see improvements in competitive edge

System Assured has a fully qualified IIP professional to help you, who has taken over 400 organisations through the certification process during 11 years of working with the Standard.


All Systems Assured systems are bespoke and written to comply with the standard but also matching what the customer does so only applicable actual information is used, making every system individual.

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